About Likizo Letting

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About Likizo Letting

Likizo Lettings is made of two words "Likizo" and "Letting". Likizo is a swahili world for vacation while Letting is an English world meaning to allow the occupation of (accommodation) in return for rent.

Likizo Lettings Limited is company that offers an online platform for vacation rentals industry. We originate from Mombasa, one of the Kenya's coastal cities popularly known for tourism. Travelers can easily secure a place to call home away from home right during their vacation. Home-buyers searching for property online also have the opportunity to connect with home sellers

Our primary aim is to  make every vacation rentals reachable to all and sundry from all parts of the world. It is for this reason that our business footprint and service stretches across the whole world. Our business philosophy is anchored around the principle that every square inch of space matters. For travelers, staying at locals' gives you more knowledge about the city, culture and tradition of the people. These enhance human interraction and promote inter-racial unity in diversity.

Are you planning a trip out of town or abroad for a period of time? Do you know your home can cover all your travel expenses? Simply by listing your home and get paid for that period of time you will be away. Also, that extra room for your children that is always vacant while they are away at school can really pay their school fees and other bills.

Clients doing business with this fast rising business entity can be assured that quality service comes before revenue. You don't have to wait for the government to increase your minimum wages before you can live the life you desire, we are offering everyone of all classes the chance to expand their pocket using what they already have.

At Likizo Lettings Limited, we care for you before, during and after your trip. With us, both local and international travelers/home-buyers have finally a reliable and efficient partner.