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Vacation Rental Bookings

How To Increase Vacation Rental Bookings During Low Season

The vacation rental industry is a growing industry that has undergone tremendous changes over the last few years. With the help of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is easier to get referrals from family and friends and get vacation rental bookings. 

And with many new listings popping up on vacation rental websites every day, it is more competitive than ever to get people interested in your property. However, getting vacation rental bookings during the low season is not as difficult as you think. This blog article will provide tips for getting your vacation rentals booked during the low season.

What is the slow season?

The slow season is the opposite of the high season. There are two seasons in the vacation rental industry: high season and low season.

The high season lasts from November through March, and the low season lasts from April through October.

What is a good time to book your property during the low season? If you are looking for a way to get more vacation rental bookings, here are some great ideas:

– Build relationships with other owners in your area. Share posts on social media and attend local events together.

– Start a blog or website where you can provide information about what your property has to offer. This strategy could be beneficial if you have something uniquely different or peculiar.

– Create an email campaign to get people excited about booking your property during the low season. Email campaigns such as by offering discounts or freebies (like a complimentary bottle of wine).

You can use any of the following services to send your email campaigns- SendPulseSendgrid and Mailchimp

Why is there seasonality in the booking pattern?

One reason for seasonality might be the increased competition for vacation rentals. With more and more new listings popping up every day, it is becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd. As a result, you need to make your property stand out to get bookings.

Another reason is that the low season is typically when many people want to travel, hence fewer properties available at any given time during the low season than the high season. It makes booking a property much easier during the high season because more options are available.

Yet another reason for the seasonal pattern is that people have built up an idea of what they think will be a good time of year to travel and book a vacation rental. They might have expectations about where they want to go or what their ideal vacation looks like, so try booking during those times when they expect better availability.

In general, the seasons in which each area sees its highest demand can vary widely depending on many factors like time of year and location. But one thing is for sure: The fluctuations in vacation rental bookings due to seasonality make it difficult to find steady bookings all year long.

Things to do to increase low season bookings

Things to do to increase vacation rental bookings during the low season

There are several ways you can get your vacation rental booked during the low season. One of the best and most reliable ways is to create a great website with an attractive design, loads quickly and is easy to navigate. People will find it easier to search through options even when they find what they want, and if people think that your property is unique and captivating, the likelihood of getting bookings increases significantly during the low season.
  • Invest in paid ads

    invest in paid ads

    Another way to get vacation rental bookings during the low season is to invest in advertising on social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. You can post pictures of your property on these platforms. If you have a good following, people will be more likely to check out your property at a time when it might otherwise be difficult for them to do so.

    If you are having trouble with booking during the low season, consider giving discounts for off-peak bookings instead of the traditional policy of offering free stays during high seasons. It will help make up for the loss in revenue from booking lower rates during low seasons.

  • Update your listing

    update your listings

    Think of your property as a piece of art, and you are the gallery owner. If the painting is sitting in the back, away from proper view, it will not attract customers. The same goes for your listing on vacation rental websites: It needs to be visible to potential renters or guests.

    You should update your listing at least once per month so that visitors can easily find it. You can also increase visibility by regularly sharing the links to your listing on social media. Get creative with graphics and photos to help set your home apart from others.

    Additionally, it is essential to ensure your listings are optimized for both searches and browse time. It means making sure the description is clear and concise, the photos are high quality, and the map is easy to use with good directions. To learn more about how to optimize your listings, check out our blog posts here.

  • Lower the rates and give discounts on long-term stays

    lower the rates and give discounts for long-term stays

    Offer rates that are cheaper than your competitors. One of the most effective ways to get people to book your property is with a discounted rate that is cheaper than your competitors.

    When you offer a discount, you entice people to stay longer. In addition to the lower price, people might feel like they do not want to leave when they see how much they are saving by staying with you for a week instead of going elsewhere.

    You might also consider offering discounts on booking longer stays. For example, if you price two weeks at $800 and three weeks at $3,200, the person who booked two weeks would be getting the better deal!

    Another way to make longer stays more enticing is by offering complimentary amenities. These amenities could include Wi-Fi access, free parking, or even breakfast in exchange for a stay of a week or more.

  • Give special offers to increase your vacation rental bookings

    give special offers

    You can also get more guests during the low season if you offer a special deal. For instance, you list your house for $150 and offer a discount of $75 on the first week of the holiday, which makes it seem like a steal. But don’t forget to give everyone their money worth or something extra after they stay with you. This offer will encourage those that were hesitant to come and stay with you and provide an incentive for those already planning to book with you.

    Another way to get people interested in your vacation rental is to have a spectacular property. Many people want a theatric view of the ocean or mountains from their vacation home. If this is what you have, be sure to mention it in your ad! Not only does disclosing this feature helps people find your property appealing, but it also makes them feel like they’re getting more than they paid.

  • Include more amenities unique only to your property in the area

    include more amenities

    People want to go on vacation and spend their money. They want a certain level of comfort, which is why they want to stay in a hotel or rental property that is luxurious and comfortable. If your property is like any other in the area, it will be difficult for you to get bookings during the low season. The key to success in this industry is trying something different than your competitors.

    For example, let’s say you have a beachfront property with many amenities like tennis courts, bars, and restaurants. People looking for luxury accommodations might be interested in staying at your place instead of one of its nearby competitors.

    Another great idea is adding unique amenities only available at your location. For example, if you have a wine-tasting room onsite, offer discounts to those who book their stay during the low season. It would increase the number of people staying at your property and make it easier for you to get reservations during the low season when demand is lower.

  • Contact local event organizers.

    contact local event organizers

    Let us face it event organizers are constantly on a quest to find venues within their budget. Most of them look at this as a chore, but it does not have to be that way. You can tap into this opportunity by offering them a deal that is too good for them to refuse.

    Most event organizers publish their schedules online. The online event schedule is usually a static PDF or HTML page that has the times and locations of the event. You can contact them to mention your property in it or their email newsletters and offer discounts to attendees.

    Reaching out to these organizers can help increase vacation rental bookings during low season for few weekends or more.

"I allow pets...most don't in my area, making my place more desirable...booked almost every night...80 percent occupied."
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If you are a vacation rental owner and have been trying to get your property booked during the slow season, then this blog is for you!

The slow season is the period with the least amount of guests. It is typically a time of year when the weather is cold, and there is snow, or perhaps it’s a time of the year when most of your guests are at home because they are traveling.

We hope you enjoyed this article about how to increase low season short-term rental bookings. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your vacation rental during the off-peak periods and fill it with happy holidaymakers for a longer period of the year. So what are you waiting for? Start advertising your short-term rental today by clicking here

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