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Affordable cost to book a place on Likizo Lettings

How much does it cost to book a place on Likizo Lettings?

Booking you a perfect vacation rental is our priority, because it outweighs any financial gain. Meanwhile, in order to keep our service running, we request a token for the use of our services.

  1. We charge this service fee to travelers for the use of our services. Any applicable service fee payable by renters who book a property on this website will be displayed at the time of booking. This service fee covers the use of the website, including such features as 24/7 user support, and is calculated as a variable percentage of the total reservation amount (which may or may not include additional fees, taxes and damage deposits). This service fee will only be refunded in the event that the owner uses the flexible cancellation policy and accepts the cancellation of the renter’s reservation.
  2. The service fee charged to renters is set at 5% (unless otherwise stated) of the total booking amount and it is payable during checkout.

We have no secrets, all the charges are laid out in the open on the checkout page when you’re paying for your reservation.

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