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Travelers’ Guide

Searching for a place

Planning a trip and need a place to stay, but don’t know how to search for the vacation home away from home. Simply take a look at the list of properties in your destination by searching.
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Booking a place

Found a place you like already and all you need do is make a reservation. The secret is to book it right away because there are others looking at the same property as you at the moment. Here is how needs to make you
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Any Hidden Costs to know about?

At Likizo Lettings, we have no hidden agenda, hence we do not have any hidden costs. What you see is what you pay. 
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How do I pay?

Be rest assured that your credit and debit card details are completely safe because we process payment using a secure SSL.
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Contacting Owner

We got you covered, we wouldn’t deny you communication with your future host. We advise to carry out all communications on the website and not to share private contacts before a booking is confirmed.
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Why can’t I call the owner before I book?

You can’t call the owner before you book because we do not share the contact details of the owners on the property page to avoid unsolicited contacts but you can still communicate via the website messaging system.
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What is the cancellation policy for my reservation?

We understand some situations might arise thereby making you want to cancel your trip. Every listing on this website has its cancellation policy clearly stated on the the property page.
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What happens if my trip is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Impromptu engagements or travel restrictions, in the case of COVID-19, can ruin a perfectly planned vacation. We advise to keep the owner informed of any such development.
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