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What to do in Diani

Top 5 Things to Do in Diani, Mombasa - A Quick Guide to Diani

Diani is a Kenyan town located in the south coast of the country. The coastal town has a beautiful beach that attracts tourists year round. With resorts, hotels and holiday homes that offer different levels of comfort and all the amenities you need to enjoy your holiday, it is not hard to see why Diani has been gaining popularity in recent years.

There are plenty of water sports available for tourists to have fun with, from deep sea diving and whale shark safaris to swimming with dolphins.

If you have landed yourself in Diani, south coast area of  Mombasa, you’re probably tired from the travel itself, but the real fun doesn’t begin until you explore the city. For most people, exploring a new town can be daunting and tiresome, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. 

Explore Diani, and you’ll find that it’s much more than just a place to stay. Explore its beaches, mountains, and markets to find that it’s a whole new world. But where should you explore? Where should you start first? The answer is Diani, a small coastal town with a lot to offer everyone. You can never run out of things to do in Diani.

Read on to find out what you should do in Diani, or at least a top 5 list:

1. Visit the Diani beach

The beaches of Diani are the perfect place to get away from the city, and they’re perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and just relaxing. The beaches are also where many artists and musicians come to relax and showcase their talent. There are many beaches in Diani, but if you want to relax and get away from the city, then you should visit Diani Beach.

Diani Beach is a beautiful spot in Kenya. The white sand and its scenic view attracts both local and international tourists. Local visitors enjoy the beach for fishing, sunbathing, and picnicking. International tourists come to the beach for relaxation, enjoying the cool water, being surrounded by nature and take in the scenery.

It’s one of the best beaches in the world, that’s because of its relaxed atmosphere. Hollywood stars, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, can attest to it.

The best time to visit Diani Beach is between November and April. During these months there are less tourists as it is off-season in Europe/North America.


Diani Market
Photo by Michael Mole on Unsplash

2. Visit the market

The market in Diani is one of the best markets in Kenya. It’s not only full of delicious local cuisine but also local crafts and shampoos from the forest. The market holds on Saturdays on the Show grounds, and it’s a great way to spend the day.

Explore the market, and you’ll find that the area is full of art and culture. There are vendors selling everything from jewels to paintings, and there are also cultural events happening in the area. Explore the market, and you’ll find that you won’t be disappointed.

Visiting local markets provides an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the area.

Things to do in Diani Beach
Sunrise in Diani Beach

3. Explore the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is located in the Diani Beach area of Mombasa. It is a 30-hectare forest with 187 plant species, including thirty-six endangered ones. The forest provides shelter to animals such as leopards, hyenas, and monkeys.

Some of these animals are protected by conservationists and there are seen in the forest from time to time. Furthermore, the local Digo community of Mjikenda uses Kaya Kinondo Forest for spiritual rituals and ceremonies.

The Digo people are known for their environmental conservation efforts and their rituals and ceremonies to maintain a balance between humans and nature. During your time in the forest, your guide will advise you on the dos and don’ts, like wearing a black sarong, no kissing, no desecration of the sacred land, and most importantly littering or picking anything on/off the forest.

3. Swim with dolphins

You must have heard about the world’s oceans, the most beautiful and peaceful place on the earth. There are several marine spots near Diani where you need to go swim with dolphins and whale sharks. Wasini Island and Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve. So, what are you waiting for if you are planning to visit Diani beach  go through this blog to make the best out of your trip.

Wasini Island and Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park, Kenya, Africa
Wasini Island

4. Take a dhow cruise along the Kenyan coast

A dhow cruise is a must-do experience when visiting Kenya. These traditional wooden sailboats have been used by local fisherman for hundreds of years and are still in use today. Taking a dhow cruise along the Kenyan coast is an opportunity to experience the ancient traditions of local fisherman first-hand.

Whether you choose to take a guided tour or go it alone, a dhow cruise is one of the best ways to explore the Kenyan coast. There are a number of companies that offer dhow cruises along the Kenyan coast, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your needs. When choosing a company, be sure to do your research and read reviews to ensure that you are getting a quality experience.

If you are planning on taking a dhow cruise on your own, make sure to book ahead and arrange transportation from your hotel to the meeting point. Most companies will provide you with a map so that you can easily find your way back.
Once you are on board, sit back, relax and enjoy this unique experience!

dhow cruise
Photo credit: Randu Safaris
Things to Do in Diani
Photo credit: Kenya Wildlife Service

5. Go on a safari at the Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba Hills National Reserve is one of the best places to see wildlife in Kenya, and it’s also one of the best places to go on safari. Located in the south of Kenya, the reserve is home to a wide variety of animals, including elephants, giraffes, leopards, and lions. And there are plenty of animals to see when you go on safari, including zebras, gazelles, and antelopes.

These animals roam across the plains in search of food, water and shelter.
Visitors can also take a walk through the forested areas where they can encounter monkeys and birds.

The park is also home to a number of people who live on the land and grow crops or graze their livestock. The reserve was created in 1968 with the main purpose being to protect the animals from encroachment by humans but it has since become a sanctuary for people as well.

If you’re planning a trip to Diani, then Shimba Hills National Reserve should be one of the first places on your list.

There’s a lot to do in Diani. From exploring the beaches to taking in the nature, there are so many things you can do when you’re there. But no matter what, Diani is always full of life and energy. Whether it’s the markets, the markets, holiday homes near Diani or the beach, there is something for everyone.

But remember, you can’t enjoy a summer vacation in Diani if you don’t get some sunshine. And that’s why there are limited days of the year when the sun shines on the southern coast of Kenya. So, while you’re there, take advantage of the local sunrises and sunsets and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

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