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Travel to your favorite places and save money by renting affordable accommodation. Use your savings to buy more gifts for yourself.

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We offer you several vacation homes categorized according to style. Affordable and classy just as you like it.

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Browse through the featured holiday homes for the week. We've handpicked a selection of our featured places to stay and all at an affordable price.

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When planning a trip for pleasure or even work, check out our broad range of choices in self-catering accommodations.

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We have vacation rental homes available for you in the following cities and many more. Every day is an adventure with something new to discover in each destination

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The City Under the Sun
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Mombasa Raha
The City of Champions

Earn up to $1,000/month hosting your home in with us

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Tips & Guides about how vacation rentals work

We take the time to educate our clients on vacation rentals. Knowledge to maximize outputs with the proper input. Take a dive in and let’s enrich ourselves on topics meant to boost the success rate of your short term rental business and memorable vacations.

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