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July 18, 2021

Importance of Quality Photos on Vacation Rentals Booking Rate

Planning a weekend Getaway

The importance of quality photos on vacation rental booking rate cannot be overemphasized.

A vacation home rental

When listing your vacation rentals, it is very important to upload cleanly taken recent photos. As we proceed, we shall talk about how to take professional photos for vacation rentals.

Avoid using blurry photos or bad quality pictures that look like they have been edited in Photoshop (or other editing software). Use a properly functioning camera with good ISO capabilities and importantly at great angles. 

These are the first images a prospective guest will use to determine if to choose or not to choose your property. This could be as little more than the beds and beddings. If you make sure that you display the best features your property has to offer in images with no blemishes on any of the surfaces, then after viewing these pictures they would definitely book yours!

Quality Photos

Image Quality

Many people would prefer better lighting than sharpness but you should take as many shots as you can, so you have a lot of options to choose from. The photos you upload has to be the closest to matching the description of your property! You will need the full resolution picture for all parts of the property including every bed/room as well! The key is getting out an above average digital cameras without cropping corners too much so you don’t lose any detail when shooting some features. And always make sure everything looks professional before posting images.

Show Important Areas of the Property

We advise that you upload images that at least show sleeping arrangement, balcony (if any), garden or free parking, the living room, laundry room, and of course most importantly the kitchen/kitchenette (whichever applies to your property) among others. This helps give potential guest an idea of where they can go from here with their reservation! In this case as for all other pictures please include: the exterior image, special features like elevator, gym, the views from the windows, bathroom with the basic toiletries included in the package, your swimming pool views will definitely attract pool lovers.

Living room

Tidy up before the photoshoot

In as much as photos gets you bookings, it is important to regularly update them to portray the present condition of the property.
Also, tidy up before you take the photos. If you have a photo with litters all over, your guests can definitely choose not to respect your property by not cleaning up after themselves. After all, the owner litters the house too. 

Get rid of food on tables or rough beddings! And when we say clean up, make sure that your personal business items are kept out for privacy reasons because they will be photographed every time there is activity around those things. Finally – remember about clutter: leave some space behind where books and magazines would normally sit. Not forgetting emptying out the trash bin, arranging the utensils properly without leaving a dirty dish lying around. (Also important to keep in mind any household waste can become litter).

Identify Additional Services shown in the Photos

Finally, if your photos show some amenities that are not offered for free, you have to point them out in your description as additional services at a fee. This will avoid misleading or making the guest feel trapped with non-existing or expensive enticements. If possible please use an image of what’s on offer  but try always avoiding images with promotional titles such “free” – this is usually unnecessary anyway, since the visitor will read the description. It is much easier to write: “There are no WiFi access points and we only provide one water filtration system” in the description area than on the image.

For instance, if you have uploaded a photo of the gym, the spa and sauna facilities, and none of these has free access, please state it clearly in the description with sentences like: “The property features a well equipped gym for paid members only. Entrance fee to be paid at the entrance of the gym for non-members”.

Now, it is time to get your photoshoots started, should you need assistance with this, we surely are happy to help at a token. Happy vacation renting.

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