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November 22, 2021

What makes a good vacation rental listing?

A vacation rental listing has three crucial parts, that when not correctly crafted, can make the listing unnoticed to prospective guests. These parts are the vacation rental title, the photos, and the description. You’ll impress probable guests by introducing your holiday home with a couple of quick words.

Quality photos and good listing descriptions are fundamental, but what good are they if your title never attracts a user? Without an attractive title, the prospect that a guest will want to look at your listing is slim, and so is the chance of your vacation rentals getting booked. Vacation rental title is synonymous with your trademark or your card.

Why is it necessary to have a captivating vacation rental title?

It is the primary impression that draws traffic to your listing. It is the prime 40 – 50 characters that convince a guest to click on your listing. It can’t be lame lest your listing gets a skip. Writing an appealing vacation rental title goes an extended way in optimizing your vacation rental listing. It has to be short yet informative and captivating.

How to write a catchy vacation rental title

Highlight unique selling point

The vacation rental business is fast-growing, don’t be surprised about how many vacation homes there are in your area, leaving potential guests a sea of options. What makes them click through your vacation rental listing is what your vacation rental has that others don’t have. That specific feature or amenity only enjoyed in your property is your selling point.

Your vacation rental title has got to showcase this unique selling point. 

Highlight unique selling point of your property

What is the selling point of your vacation rental?

Is it the pool, the hot tub, Parkview, free extra room, free on-premises parking, wheelchair accessibility, home elevator, or cost-free Wi-Fi? Take a glance at the other holiday lettings in your area and see what they don’t have that’s peculiar to your rental. For instance, if it is hard to get a parking space in your area and your property has free parking space, that’s the cherry on top of your holiday home. Any of which can form part of your vacation home listing title.

Use Abbreviations

Composing the best vacation rental title can be challenging and time-consuming. Choosing the right words to describe your vacation home from a pool of suggestions is critical regarding how long is reasonable enough. Your vacation home listing title must be concise, descriptive, catchy, and relevant.

How can all of these features be written in just 50 characters to achieve the best result? My guess is just as good as yours – abbreviations. Some several acronyms and abbreviations that are universally crystal clear.

Commonly used abbreviations for vacation rental titles.

For instance, using
“w/” represents “with”
“BD” means bedroom
“BA” means bathroom
“Apt” means apartment
“A/C” means the air conditioning
“w/d” means a dryer
“HVAC” means heating, ventilation, and air-con
“bsmt” means the basement
“wic” walk-in closets etc.

A title like “Executive 2 BD w/ Free Parking and HVAC” intends to elucidate “Executive 2-bedroom with free parking and heating, ventilation and air-con. The former is well optimized with easily readable abbreviations, while the latter is in simple English but won’t due to its length. Also, it is important to note that overly abbreviated titles may become unreadable to your potential guests. For instance, nobody will stress over a title like 2 BD apt in Nai w/ bsmt.

catchy vacation rental titles
Vacation rental title examples

Use catchy or power words.

If you would like to create a sensational vacation rental title, you would need certain words or phrases that appeal to your audiences and trigger one of the subsequent emotions in your potential guests: happiness, curiosity, excitement, or fear of missing out.

Catchy words for vacation home titles

  • All-inclusive
  • Romantic Getaway
  • Alluring
  • Charming
  • Fully Equipped
  • Colorful
  • Comfortable
  • Dazzling
  • Delightful secluded garden
  • Economical
  • Executive
  • Exclusive
  • Imagination
  • Irresistible
  • Luxurious
  • Convenient
  • Mind-blowing
  • Modern
  • Seductive
  • Secluded

Generic words to avoid in a short term rental title

  • Nice
  • Great
  • Good
  • Popular
  • World-class
  • Unique
  • Awesome
  • Amazing
  • Cheap
  • Excellent etc.

Save space by leaving out the area/location off the rental title.

You have a limited number of characters to use in your title. It is often tempting to incorporate neighborhood or other details that are bound to be within the listing description, but that might deprive your title of the worthy elements it needs. Leave elaborate explanations to the description part of your listing. Mention the closest landmark instead.

Identify your target audience.

No matter how nicely drafted your listing is or how well decorated your rental is, it can’t appeal to all travelers. Your type of property will only appeal to a particular group of people. You would need to spot and target a specific guest profile and supplicate them with a catchy title.

If you target business travelers, you’ll use catchy words like “executive, modern, and exclusive” while you’ll use catchy phrases like “mind-blowing” and “irresistible in your title.

Update your title regularly.

Keep your title updated to reflect the recent upgrades on your property. Your title can go from being “self-catering” to “all-inclusive” if you’ve got in situ an in-house chef. Mention these changes within the listing description. These proclamations will motivate potential guests to read more about your rental.

Also, your title can be periodically updated to match the holiday theme or to plug a monumental event in your area. Tourists or guests will choose for proximity and convenience to tourist attractions or venues of upcoming events.

Brand your Title.

You can create a brand for your rental by giving it a name. The name given to your rental makes it easy for satisfied guests to recommend to family and friends. Include your brand name in the title to make it easy to be identified on search engines like Google or social media. And getting seen guarantees you more bookings.

No false or misleading representation,

Avoid the utilization of clickbait. If you misrepresent your listing with an astounding title, it will get you traffic and clicks to your rental listing but little or no conversion. If in the least bit you get a booking and your guest isn’t satisfied with the rental description, it’ll end in a bad review. Bad reviews are bad for business.

7 Proven Formulas For Vacation Rentals Titles

  • [adjective] [property type] w/ [features] Example: Executive apartment w/ free parking & Wi-Fi
  • [adjective] [property type] near [location] [features] Example: Secluded villa near Fort Jesus w/ free parking.
  • [house name] 10 mins to [location] w/ [experience] Example: Annie’s Bungalow 5 mins to beach w/ free bikes
  • [selling point] [property] w/ [features] Example: Beach house with Netflix and Swimming Pool
  • [house name] close to [landmark] w/ [selling point] Example: Signet Apartments 5 mins to Haller Park w/ free breakfast
  • [adjective] [experience] with [selling point] Example: Stunning paradise in a condo w/ sea views
  • [Adjective] [Property Type] Near [Landmark] – [Distance]. Example: Serene 2 BR Apartment Near KICC – 5 Mins Walk.

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